13 January 2021 CryptoTv plus hosted an AMA series with Chime Amakiri, founder of Cryptocurrency Market and the director in a person of Daniel Chylak.
Chime Amakiri started the introduction as an electrical engineer, more known as a a musician who owns a record label. Coming to cryptocurrency, he got attracted more to the technology aspect, and that was probably what lead to the invention of cryptocurrency market.
The director Daniel Chylak, graduated with a bachelor’s of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania also stumbled on cryptocurrency with the idea of a good investment and, more importantly, the ease of the cross-border transactions’ and speed, etc.

The ideology behind Cryptocurrency market abbreviated as CCM rose from these two core terms: Transparency and Decentralization. So we discovered that most figures gotten from the open market don’t sum up accurately. For example, Coingecko says there are 18,400,475 bitcoins in circulation while Coinmarketcap displays 18,400,425 so we can see a slight difference.
In addition to that, Bitcoin flows from one wallet, exchange to the other. These figures shouldn’t be static because the definition of circulation implies the number of tokens/coins exposed to the market, not the ones held in private wallets.

A new transparent and trusted decentralized system

Fortunately, we have a system that detects and display the actual amount of bitcoins and altcoins exposed to the market. Perhaps this is a good factor consideration before investing because a limited amount of buys and sells is a signal to the investor.
So Cryptocurrency market is the system that gives the real-time quantity of a coin anytime you refresh, and this tracks the abnormalities of any kind by the inventors of the cryptocurrency because such hidden tricks aren’t possible with our system as displays the hidden truth.

However, our system Cryptocurrency market also provides a safe environment for transactions or payments for service and business. The advent of cryptocurrency has enabled cheap, faster, and mobile commerce, Nevertheless it also brought some bad actors into space. So Often time, people get scammed of their money during business with crypto payments.
So the Cryptocurrency market brought a system solution for that, practically works like a smart contract: on CCM, both parties sign the contracts setting their agreed terms of the business. So CCM holds the payment and services/goods until both parties arrive at their agreed terms. So it’s a safe haven system that protects both buyers and sellers.

Road map of CCM

Trust, accuracy, transparency as key factors in the ecosystem that CCM can cure quite interesting. Can you take us through the road map of CCM? Cryptotv asks

CCM: Yes, so we’ve got registered and we’re on a journey of expanding the cryptocurrency market and bringing it to the larger audience with Chime in Africa, Nigeria, and i in the US.
So we’ve launched our marketplace; we have fiat deposit in the swap, so users can currently go on to cryptocurrency market and either deposit bitcoin or ethereum in exchange for naira or US dollar.
We’ve also launched the staking platform, and fees can now be paid in CCM, which will be rewarded to users who are staking take their CCM token to earn CCM, as we are running a Proof of stake algorithm. And moving forward stakers, can earn other coins of their choice like ETH and BTC or even earn other companies’ currency. The majority of the roadmap is driven and just waiting on the mobile app launch.

CCM is the central token of the system, which will be used for all fees and transactions within the ecosystem: Purchasing ads, swapping fees, etc. With a total supply of 10 million, CCM is not yet listed as we are still on sales though we created a pair on uniswap, which is a bit higher than our presale price. So listing would come after the presales as we are trying to raise funds to reach a certain goal. So you can always purchase CCM on our website.

Considering the tough crypto laws in the United States, is CCM registered as a security or an asset?

CCM: Yes, CCM is registered as an asset. Registration as security requires owning a piece of a company. An asset serves as a purpose, with utilities: exchange and other wider array of things.
So it’s a commodity, with wide range of possibilities in terms of its usage.

With the massive increase in the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum over the past weeks, where do you see the price of CCM in the next five years? Perhaps why the name Cryptocurrency Market?

CCM: Many people are trending CCM token to be a $10 token, though the price speculation is not something we can control as the owners; it’s all about adoption and acceptance.
Some years ago, Bitcoin was worth less than $1, but today it’s over $30,000, and i think what lead to that was massive adoption and acceptance; hence i believe in the long run, CMC has all it takes to do that.

The name Cryptocurrency Market came up as an edge to rank well on google searches as that will attract more people to the project and perhaps get to know about it, and then utilization follows.
However, in the long run i believe CCM can do what bitcoin is doing today.

As much as we’ve had many innovations in the space, there’s been quite some competition among them. So who is your greatest competitor in the space?

CCM: In terms of modeling, i would say coingecko is a big influencer in the market place because a lot of their listing involves accurate information, and they do their best to keep up with that.
In terms of competitors, coming down to exchanges, Coinbase is one of the biggest competitors. Competition is indeed a good thing because it sets you for a bigger purpose.

Are we expecting any future partnerships from CCM?

CCM: Yes, we’re actually on a deal with LID protocol through one of their viewer services called liftoff, and we are also on tackling partnerships with dextools as one of their requirements for consideration is to use a lid service. So who knows, we can benefit from both parties.
Over here in Nigeria, we’ve already initiated partnerships with Cryptotv plus as the biggest blockchain platform in Nigeria. We are looking forward to having more solid blocks. Thanks to Cryptotv plus for this opportunity, we look forward to partnering with every other strong Blockchain project in Nigeria and top World media companies like Forbes and Coin telegraph.

Such an amazing project coming up on Cryptocurrency market(CCM) don’t forget to visit and be a part of the big thing coming.




Learning never stops, and writing keeps the cycle. Digital hand of Web3

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Okahia Emmanuel

Learning never stops, and writing keeps the cycle. Digital hand of Web3

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