ROBOHERO: Revolutionary Play2earn and watch2earn on Terra Luna blockchain.

RoboHero presents the world’s first play2earn and watch2earn mobile game fully compatible with the Terra Luna blockchain.

RoboHero as a new dimension of the metaverse, based on NFT creates high-level P2E mobile gaming which makes PVP (Player vs Player) and PVE (Player vs Environment) possible. RoboHeroes combats, accompanied with the buying and selling of the gaming equipments and NFTs in the marketplace.


The game starts after a climatic crisis caused by a post-apocalyptic world full of Robot factions fighting each other for life-giving LUNA tokens leading to havoc in the environment.

RoboHero metaverse is super enriched with unique equipments, lands, NFTs and many other tools that enables earning money not only via playing.

The Ultimate Goal of RoboHero metaverse is to provide users with the highest quality of gameplay amidst entertainment and fair competition

Robohero, being a unique revolutionary metaverse allows you to earn money, not only by playing, but by a range of Defi tools that makes this possible such as;


Here, you don’t have to worry about not having money to get started. You just watch ads on the app and earn $LUNA as you fight. Isn’t that awesome?


Robohero makes it possible for each player to earn ROBO tokens in the story mode and LUNA in the PVP. According to tokenomics,a relevant percent of the supply is allocated for gameplay rewards. Hurry, let’s go learn those rewards.

In-game Billboard ads

With Robohero metaverse, full of skyscrapers, advertising billboards would always be present and relevant. Sure, you can rent or buy tradeable advertising space for your brand on one of our skyscrapers.

Watch the trailer, to find out more about this Amazing project. AlU

About the Project

RoboHero project was created by three cryptocurrency specialists with years of experience in trading, cryptocurrency markets and various projects. RoboHero is a response to the dynamic development of Play2Earn and NFT industry that we can observe this year.

Curious about the most important features of the game?

No worries, Click on the AMA session between Ari10 and RoboHero where a lot like the idea behind the game and so on were discussed.

Hurry to get a spot on StarTerra

Want to know more

Join the StarTerra telegram channel and Announcement channel.

Follow Robohero on twitter.

And expect more from us 🤓




Learning never stops, and writing keeps the circle. Blockchain writer, crypto enthusiast.

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Okahia Emmanuel

Okahia Emmanuel

Learning never stops, and writing keeps the circle. Blockchain writer, crypto enthusiast.

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