SPOTTR: Africa’s hope of scaling e-commerce and solving non-consumption.

Insecurities surrounding start-ups firms has been quite a problem especially in Africa,where capital proves to be an inevitable requirement.This alone, has resulted in many failed hopes of innovation which is indirectly devastating to the country’s economy at large.

The unconnected link between demand and supply has also proven to be a major problem in Africa’s marketplace. The profitability or value of a million goods so much depends on the demand, so demand being a relevant factor in the marketplace can not be overemphasized.

So for an acute solution to these problems we can narrow the causes to demand for visibility,convenience and affordability.

Fortunately, the advent of Blockchain technology aided by the massive development of smartphone technology has quite decreased the rate of unemployment and poverty in NIgeria and Africa at large.Owning to the adoption of Cryptocurrencies with massive use cases aiding the economy and also profiting the holders of these cryptocurrencies.

Collaborative ecosystems like SpottR with massive use cases powering the Africa economy, is speeding up in completing the triad.

SpootR, powering entrepreneur’s startup and Business visibility in Africa

SpottR is a social commerce ecosystem designed to help people do more in the marketplace or even enable startups by leveraging its Cliq token to provide more liquidity or capital for businesses and money for consumers to meet their demands, as well as providing the whereabouts information of these businesses to consumers and vice verse with aid of its smart search and interactive map. This is also an advanced and better way of solving the visibility problem by creating demand.

The project is designed to solve two major pain points in its primary market — non consumption and logistics bottlenecks in Africa’s ecommerce and gig economy ecosystem — and then scaling to serve other markets.

The novel SpottR ecosystem with its strong massive use case aggregate Africa’s 1.2 billion people into the world’s largest community of crypto merchants that will push her $2.5 trillion market to new heights that has never, truly, been seen before.So with SpottR, we can quickly Discover real genuine products,services, business and consumers, afford to pay for their purchases and finally quickly move their purchases between points using trusted 3rd party delivery agent.

World first double IEO on Latoken and bitfxt: Cliq token.

We are excited to announce our double IEO to run simultaneously on the Latoken and Bitfxt exchanges in March, 2021.




Learning never stops, and writing keeps the cycle. Digital hand of Web3

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Okahia Emmanuel

Okahia Emmanuel

Learning never stops, and writing keeps the cycle. Digital hand of Web3

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