VERASWAP: a better, cheaper exchange engine protocol.

Ever heard of a fully decentralized exchange and staking protocol that grants its users eligibility to earn prizes from other liquidity pools and also perform token swaps? I bet, you didn't hear it all.

VeraSwap, is the most ever user-friendly decentralized exchange protocol launched on Binance Smart Chain(BSC) permitting digital assets to be traded in a decentralized and automatic medium instead of the ancient Automated market making of buyers and sellers.


Asides, being user friendly. VeraSwap uses a swift, cheap and most secured engine protocol making it welcoming to use by anyone without any prior Knowledge.

VeraSwap wasn’t only built as an exchange but with many other key features:

STAKE to earn more VRAP tokens

The Veraswap ecosystem made the available provisions for many pools such as TWT-BNB, VRAP-BNB, SFP-BNB etc. where users receive more VRAP tokens by staking their tokens in the favorite pools of their choice. This a very attractive and welcoming feature. Trust me you will like it, Go check it out.

Worried, about pools?

Pools fully known as liquidity pools are collection of funds locked in a smart contract.

These liquidity pools are used to facilitate the decentralized trading and all other amazing function you can explore on VERASWAP.

So lets say, it is the backbone of decentralized exchanges like Verswap.

Coming on VERSWAP:

· Voting and Governance.

·NFT ecosystem

· Launchpad

Wait for more updates…… You can checkup the ROADMAP









Learning never stops, and writing keeps the circle. Blockchain writer, crypto enthusiast.

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Okahia Emmanuel

Okahia Emmanuel

Learning never stops, and writing keeps the circle. Blockchain writer, crypto enthusiast.

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