World’s first class NFT on Binance Smart Chain powered by Animoca brand.

We can date the heritage of collecting player cards far years back . The scenario behind this was simply; an image of most epic players on cards. As time passed by, it was fully adopted and became popular. People now cherish and collect cards of their favorite idols. Today these old cards and the culture has grown to a full grown million-dollar ecosystem.

Do you know according to Forbes, the Collectibles industry which involves the sports memorability has a global value of $370 billion and this was achieved without the use of blockchain.

However, today with the help of blockchain technologies the whole story has now been integrated into the digital world.

And guess who’s doing the most? LYMPO, yes that’s right.


Lympo has been doing the most in the sports NFTs ecosystem by including NFTs of world famous athlete’s clubs and most especially with their IP rights.

The Lympo ecosystem powering all transactions, interactions and most especially the NFT minting is all made possible with utility token: LMT(Lympo Market Token) which was initially built on the Ethereum blockchain and now bridged to the Binance smart chain.

LMT with the finite supply of 1,250,000,000 tokens has been built to adapt to the stake and mint mechanism.

However, the staking mechanism involves a minimum of 300 LMT tokens and maximum of 1 million LMT. This is to accommodate everyone.


Perhaps, great minds work together so as Lympo is powered by Animoca brands: one of the largest digital entertainment, blockchain, gamification and artificial intelligence.

The Lympo ecosystem is heavily powered by Animoca brands which ranked in the Financial Times list of High Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2021. Animoca brand is a leader in blockchain, gamification, digital entertainment and artificial intelligence.

Animoca brand has been highly respected brand as it has recorded success in a broad portfolio of blockchain products like the REVV token and SAND token. Including original games like The sandbox, Crazy Kings and crazy Defense Heroes and also products utilizing popular intellectual properties like Formula 1®, Marvel, WWE etc.

You can know more about Lympo, by joining their communities for updates.

Join Lympo telegram announcement channel here.

You can also join the o’Lympians telegram community here.

Join Lympo discord discord server here.

You can also follow up on Twitter here.

And if you enjoy price speculation, Lympo also welcomes you here.

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Learning never stops, and writing keeps the circle. Blockchain writer, crypto enthusiast.

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Okahia Emmanuel

Okahia Emmanuel

Learning never stops, and writing keeps the circle. Blockchain writer, crypto enthusiast.

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